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Forced From Home

Forced From Home, an interactive exhibition presented by Doctors Without Borders, gives insight into the refugee experience.

Forced From Home - MNS exhibition

Estampas de la Revolutión Española

The Offices of Propaganda of the NATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF WORKERS and the ANARCHIST FEDERATION IBERIAN, in their fervent desire to show the world the epic moments of their REVOLUTION, have undertaken the publication of these scenes from the Spanish Revolution, a happening which has opened the doorway to a future of a greatness both spiritual and material.

The Battering Ram Is in Action

A Conversation with Ai Weiwei

Excellent conversation with Skirball curator Yael Lipschutz. Presented in association with the  upcoming exhibition  Ai Weiwei: Trace.


  • AI WEIWEI: LIFE CYCLE at the Marciano Art Foundation. September 28, 2018 – March 3, 2019. Admission is free, but access is limited. You must MAKE RESERVATIONS
  • Ai Weiwei: Zodiac at the Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles gallery September 29, 2018–January 5, 2019
  • Ai Weiwei: CAO/HUMANITY at the UTA Artist Space October 1 – December 15, 2018
    403 Foothill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA
    Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 am — 6.00 pm

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA

Latin American and Latino Art in LA

September 2017 – January 2018

A collaborative enterprise by museums and galleries throughout Southern California

Eight Albums Covering 30+ Exhibits

Brilliant recap to PST LA/LA, tying together a number of exhibitions

LACMA tour led by Vincent Price Art Museum director Pete Galindo featuring murals by Willie Herron and discussion with the artist and a visit to Ramona Gardens to see and discuss murals by Herron, Judith Hernandez, the East Los Streetscrapers and more. Great murals; great discussion led by Pete. Read post.

The time is now. Or is it?