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Welcome to my site. It’s deep. Lots of sections, lots of pages. Somewhere in here is most of what I’ve been interested in, involved with and amused by for the last 20 years. Poke around. I hope you find something interesting here.

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Best Reads, 2016

I read or listened to 59 books last year. I keep track of everything I read on a spreadsheet. Title, author and rating, 1-10 (although I didn't give less than a four to anything I actually read).         I gave four books a rating of 9: 2666, by...

Three Things I’ve Been Called

"Marxist Leninist Duplicisist" Letter to the editor, Pacific Grove Tribune, app. 1971. Responding to my op-ed. Always been proud of this one. "Pagan with Buddhist Pretensions" Camille, app. 1985. We'd only been together a short time. In some ways, she already knew me...

Literature and Exile | The Nation

"...he didn't believe in countries and the only borders he respected were the borders of dreams, the misty borders of love and indifference, the borders of courage and fear, the golden borders of ethics." I love this 2000 talk by Roberto Bolaño. Literature and Exile |...