Part 1

Sin Titulo

Bus to Xalapa.

Xochitl birthday party.

Xallitic with Peggy.

Parque Ecological Los Tecajetes with Peggy and Xoch.

El Lago w/Peggy.


Part 2

Fe de Rata

Museo de Antropologia de Xalapa: Wonderful collection of artifcats from the Veracruz, in a magnificent architectural setting. Special exhibit: Francisco Toledo. Plus “Una sola Vox,” posters of March 10 demonstrations for the “defense of the University of Veracruz and higher education.”

About town with Peggy.

with more museum pics and explanatory text

Part 3

Sorprender por la Ciencia

INECOL – El Institute de Ecologia – botanical gardens, with Xareni, Alicia and David. Native bamboo! The original dahlia! Carnivorous plants!!!

El Haya Parque Ecological.

Museo El Lancero, the hacienda of General Santa Anna.


Part 4

Libertad a los Anarquistas

Visit with Reyes Soto family.

Street performer with hula hoop. Supermarket with booze sales blocked for election day weekend.

Parque Ecológico Macuiltépetl with Peggy: raptors, venomous snakes, pyramid “Mausoleo de los Veracruzanos Ilustres” with hammers and sickles on gate.

Art exhibit by X’s teacher, Jimena Ramos. Samuel plays guitar. Street murals. Beautiful bug and torda at Parque los Berros. Comida at Tierra Luna.


Part 5

Ciudad de las Flores

Veracruz with Peggy, Elissa and Xochitl: “Atanasio D. Vázquez y la fotografia de la posrevolución,” based on Elissa’s book, at Fototeca; coffee at Gran Café de la Parroquia; monument to “Quatro Veces Heroica Veracruz,” commemorating defense against invasions by Spain (1825), France (1838) and the US (1847 and 1914); statue of Baron Alexander von Humboldt on the Malacon; walk on the beach.

About town with Peggy, Xareni, et. al. Centro Recreativo Xalapeño, with psychedelic photos by Héctor Montes de Oca and jazz band practicing “As Time Goes By” until interrupted by crashing thunder and lightning. Airport, clouds.



NO CONDENAR, SINO LIBERAR, by Mario Orozco Rivera. Stairwell, Palacio Gobierno.

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