Pacific Standard Time LA/LA, part 3


December 2017

  • Santa Barbara Museum of Art Valeska Soares – ANY MOMENT NOW
    Brazilian artist working with repurposed objects and pages. Exhibition includes a take-away journal to fill out in response to the exhibit.
  • The BroadCOULEUR ADDITIVE, 2017
    An outdoor installation (crosswalks at intersection in front of the museum) by Carlos Cruz-Diez.
  • Museum of Contemporary ArtANNA MARIA MAIOLINO. Mixed media and mixed messages
    Wonderful exhibit. I love SECRET POEM. And also the room with installations of simple forms in unfired clay, repeated to fill a space.
  • The Geffen Contemporary at MOCAAdrián Villar Rojas: THE THEATER OF DISAPPEARANCE
    Possibly the weirdest so far. A dark simulation of lost Atlantis, with moments of beauty and wit among the ruins.
  • LACMAPINXIT MEXICI: Painted in Mexico: 1700-1790
  • USC Pacific Asia MuseumWINDS FROM FUSANG: Mexico and China in the Twentieth Century
    This show highlights the relationship of left-leaning Mexican artists and the new socialist country of China, especially the 1955 exhibition National Front of Plastic Arts of Mexico: An Exhibition of Paintings and Prints. It features a beautiful mural created for this exhibition.
  • Pasadena Museum of California ArtHOLLYWOOD IN HAVANA: Five Decades of Cuban Posters Promoting US Films
  • California African American Museum CIRCLES AND CIRCUITS 1: History and Art of the Chinese Caribbean Diaspora
    Works by Amy Leong Pang, George Chung, Flora Fong, Albert Chong, Boscoe Holder, Manuel Chong Neto, Pedro Eng Herrera, Sybil Attek, Carlisle Chang, Nina Squires, Wifredo Lam, Katarina Wong and others.


Valeska Soares: Any Moment Now

In lieu of a catalog, The Santa Barbara Museum of Art invited you to take this journal as you left the exhibit.

You are invited to select the title of your journal by blacking out everything else from a page of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

My journal title: “I describe brawling streets smelling of leather, a free life and a refined civilization.”


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