Todos Somos Marcos

Public access TV show produced in the late 90s. Inspired by the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, it also covered local activists who shared Zapatista goals.


Acteal Massacre

Press conference and demonstrations about December 22, 1997 massacre of 45 demonstrators in Acteal, Mexico. A compilation of two shows that were perhaps better left separate. In the second show, Zack de la Rocha and Blase Bonpane speak.

See also Acteal massacre, Wikipedia

Subcomandante Elisa

in Highland Park

Opening music – Todos Somos Ramona by Los Murcialogos. Talk by Subcomandante Elisa. Closing poem by Zack de la Rocha.

Video by Bruce Lohmann

HLP Report

1997 Elections in Mexico City and Chiapas

Interview with Don White

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Demonstrations and actions for the preservation of the Headwaters Redwood Forest. Ann Archy singing Dancing on the Ruins of Multinational Corportions

Video by Robb Rossetti

by Adam Miller

Roberto Flores

talks about his year as a Fulbright scholar in Chiapas.

Interview with Michael Novick

Javier Elorriaga

Frente Zapatista de Liberación

Interesting interview, bad sound quality

Video by Clifford Mosby

See reporting by Elissa Rashkin on Javier’s imprisonment and release:



Paula Solomon

Vinceremos, Coalition in Solidarity with Cuba

Video by Bruce Lohmann



Occupation by the Colorado River Native Nations Alliance against the low-level nuclear waste dump unnder consideration by the Bureau of Land Management.

Marc Cooper

On the media. Interview with thoughtful journalist Marc Cooper (The Nation, KPFK) on the media.

Bernie Eisenberg

Emergency Delegation to Acteal

Maria Darlington, Expulsado

May 1998

Chiapas observer expelled by Mexican



Kathryn Dowling

Environmental Toxologist, Revolutionary Tourist

Reporting for the Humanitarian Law Project on health and sanitation concerns in the refugee communities near Acteal.

Democracy Movement in Burma

1998 interview with Kevin Rudiger and Pye Nyein about the democracy movement in Burma.

“Use your liberty to promote ours.”

Gary Webb, Dark Alliance

In August 1996, The San Jose Mercury News published a report by Gary Webb about how the CIA worked with the Contras to bring crack to South Central LA.

Greenpeace Action

October 1998

Activists board a ship in LA Harbor to prevent unloading of newsprint made from old-growth forest,

Rosario Ibarra in Los Angeles

Jan. 23, 1999

with Don White, Roberto Flores, Rosa Martha, Quetzal and more. Closing song: “Todos Somos Ramona.”

US Dissidents Visit Nixon Shriine

Discussion with Don White at Nixon Library and Birthplace

Intercambio de Palabras

Visit with Zapatista at border. Discussion with Peter Brown, kicked out of Mexico by government while building schools in Zapatista communities.

Amando Avendaño and Rev. Philip Wheaton

NAFTA in Chiapas; the Victimization and Resistance of the Indian People

Donald Leeper

Misuse of Psychiatric Drugs Is a Human Rights Violation

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