Neon tetra v. Uncle Sammy

I’ve been searching my pics of Sammy with his outdoor Neon tetra tank. I know I took some. Can’t find them.

N. tetra is a tropical fish native to the lowlands of Central America It is sold as an indoor aquarium fish. Over many years, Sammy bred a variety that could thrive outdoors in Southern California.

I wish I could find those pics! 


Sammy at 1, with his family. Circa 1926

From Laana

I swear I don’t know how it got there but this one showed up on my phone yesterday.  It was taken in Venice before we moved to San Pedro. ( Pre- 1993.)

From Shirley


Soldier Sammy

Sammy, Sooky and Ducie, with some kids. The big one might be Barry. The little ones might be Bobby and Shirley.

Uncle Sammy’s Cactus Garden

Uncle Sammy collected and propagated cacti for half a century at his LA home. He knew a lot about them; he had notes and books. He knew their names.

Gradually, he got old. Forgot their names; misplaced his notes; couldn’t really take care of the plants any more.

I would visit a couple of times a month, and about 10 years ago I started taking a trunk load home at each visit.

I’m sure my life-long love of cacti comes from Sammy and Marie, and my garden is a daily link to them.

After they moved to assisted living, I assembled a cactus garden for them on their balcony.

So glad I saved the plants. Unfortunately, I didn’t snag much of the knowledge.

THE ROAD GOES BOTH WAYS – I just read the Sammy chapter in Ducie’s 1995 memoir. If you don’t have a copy, you are in luck. After much work reconstructing the book, Laana has just made it available on Amazon!

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