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March 2020

  • Spring fever rampant in the garden.
  • (Dos and) Don ts.
  • Norton Simon Museum with Larry, Maureen, Maricruz and Steve.
  • Beverly Hills Cactus Garden with Gayle.
  • Camille M. Carter Memorial Lending Library, in development.
  • Found money (in the garden), a trillion dollar bill; my lucky day.
  • Box of old photos and notes, including rare pix of my western North Carolina home (1980-83) with Ian, Bonnie, Aunt Ducie, cats, a rooster and a rabbit. Also Elissa graduating from something and with Sammy and Marie, trip to Death Valley with Nick Zonen shortly before he died of Aids in 1994, me on a picket line (1993), bungee jumper at Bridge to Nowhere, me with infant Anna, Bevin.

Notes in a boxNotes in a Box

These notes appear to have been taped to a wall, taken down and added to this box of photos, possibly in 1992 before moving to this house.


  • “Christians have burnt each other, quite persuaded that all the apostles would have done as they did.”
    – Lord Byron
  • “…remember that all children are first shocked out of the womb of a mother’s world before they can know that loneliness is their heritage and their only means of discovering men and women.”
    – Jack Kerouac
  • “Our universe is simply one of those things that happens from time to time.”
    – Edward Tryon
  • “To make a people criminal, there’s nothing more needed than to doubt its virtue.”
    – Jose Rizal
  • “Past the middle of life, every day is gravy.”
    – Alan Watts
  • “There’ll always be a fanatic somewhere…a nazi or a communist or an anarchist.”
    – Steve McGarrett, Hawaii 5-0
  • “Let’s throw it out on the stoop and see if the cat licks it up.”
  • “Lack of respect, wrong attitude, failure to obey authority. The Farm…immediately.”
    – A Boy and His Dog (1975)
  • “There is no need for love. Love, desire, ambition, faith. Without them life is so simple, believe me.”
    – Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
  • Everest – 8848 meters
    Aconcagua – 6940 meters
    McKinley – 6194 meters
    Kilimanjaro – 5395 meters
    El’brus – 5642 meters
    Blanc – 4807 meters
    Whitney – 4418 meters
  • “Dig and be dug in return.”
    – Langston Hughes
  • “All my life I have had the facility of meeting people, studying them…It matters little from what class they come, what education they had, and so on. Fundamentally all are alike. Yet each one is unique. Strange paradox. All are reachable – and redeemable. Those in prison are often better than those who put them there. Thieves and pimps are far more interesting than preachers and teachers – or most psychologists. Nobody should be wholly despised. Some should be murdered perhaps, in cold blood.”
    – Henry Miller, Book of Friends

The time is now. Or is it?

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