He Was Still a Man

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June 2020

  • Garden with blooms:
    Calandrinia (Redmaids)
    Crassula platyphylla (Pink Jade – ?)
    Lobivia silvestrii (Peanut Cactus)
    Peniocereus serpentinus (Night Blooming Cereus)
    Opuntia ficus-indica (Prickly Pear)
    Parodia-magnifica (Ball Cactus)
    Parodia horstii
    Mammillaria columbiana (South American Pincushion)
    Euphorbia flanaganii (Medusa’s Head)
    Copiapoa tenuissima
    Pilgrims Flock to Gnome Chomsky Shrine
  • Gayle’s garden
  • Out with Gayle: Sunset Nursery, lunch at Canter’s, walk in the ‘hood
  • Emma and Stubby
    Kori offers Emma a bone

The time is now. Or is it?

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