I Can't Breathe

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May 2020

  • My garden highlights:

    Gnome Chomsky, the garden Noam, elevated to sainthood and gets a door.

    Compost piles, the heart of the garden

    In bloom:

    Red, yellow and white epiphyllum
    Easter Cactus (Rhipsalidopsis hybrid)
    Various Mammillaria
    Desert Hollyhock
    Redmaids (Calandrinia)
    Wood Sorrel (Oxalis)
    Purple Heart (Tradescantia pallida)
    Peanut Cactus (Lobivia silvestrii)
    Copiapoa tenuissima
    Old Man Cactus (Cephalocereus senilis)

  • Protest march
  • Gayle’s neighborhood
  • Gayle’s garden
Demonstration - I Can't Breathe

The time is now. Or is it?

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