Jim’s suffering is over. All praise to California for enacting the compassionate end of life law, and to Kaiser for being on the cutting edge of implementation. Everyone has been wonderful.

Two months ago we were flailing in the morass of despair, Jim because of his physical and emotional suffering, me because there was so little I could do to help. I’ll never forget his deer-in-the-headlights expression which I saw so often as he was faced with new pain, new indignity. Be glad for us both that it is over. We went to his doctor, who immediately referred us to hospice, and they helped us pursue the end of life option. When it began to seem that this would happen, he became more relaxed and peaceful. It was great to see,

The pharmacists visited this afternoon, with drugs and instructions. My plan was to wait for the scheduled visit with Tricia and Michal, which was set for Sunday, and then if he was ready to do it on Monday. That was my plan. Jim’s was let me out, asap. So I called Michal and they agreed to come that evening, and then volunteered to stay with us and help prepare the cocktail, for which I was so grateful. Anti-nausea meds a little after 8, heart-slowing meds 45 minute later, then the Seconal. 10 minutes later he was in a deep and peaceful sleep, that just got deeper until he was gone.

The Jim Files

The Jim Files

THE JIM FILESJim Berry, 1951-2016 Jim and I worked together for many years at Haynes Generating Station, making electricity. We both retired in 1998; me because they "made me an offer I couldn't refuse," Jim because he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and he...

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