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The eight-fold noble path

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April 2019

  • Garden with Jim and Nilgun, Gnome Chomsky, lithos seedling and the following blooms:
    • Trailing IcePlant
    • Rosemary
    • Bearded Iris (?)
    • Mammillaria bombycina
    • Mammillaria hahniana
    • Mammillaria matudae
    • Easter Cactus
    • Thanksgiving Cactus
    • Echinofossulocactus
    • California Poppy
    • Widow’s-thrill
    • Epiphyllum
    • Parodia magnifica
    • Echinopsis
    • Blue Tansy.
  • Wallet card I sometimes looks at.
  • Family gathering at the Golden Dragon to remember Sammy and eat dim sum.
  • CELEBRATING THE SOUTH BAY – Hand-carved tiles by Sherry Bullard at Kaiser South Bay Medical Center.
  • Machado Lake.


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