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February 2019

  • Garden with
    • Pork and Beans (Sedum rubrotinctum) growing in a small snail shell
    • Firestorm (Sedum rubrotinctum)
    • Easter Cactus (Rhipsalidopsis)
    • Mixed planter with Ortegocactus macdougallii clump, Parodia magnifica clump, Echeveria, Chinese Pagoda (Crassula marnieriana)
    • Mixed planter with lettuce, Sweet Alyssum and California Poppy
    • Mixed planter with Crassula-marnieriana, Aeonia, Echeveria, Ming Thing Cactus (Cereus forbesii monstrose), Parodia werneri Hofacker and Mammillaria elongota ‘copper king’
    • Trailing Ice Plant (Lampranthus sp.) in bloom
    • Mammillaria in bloom.
  • Picasso in Color at Galerie Michael.
  • True gems from the archive, including departed people and art works:
    • Uncle Davey
    • Ethel Tobach
    • TVs Are Toxic (Silverlake, 2005)
    • Whitey Ford and Audrey
    • Not a Cornfield
    • Frogtown Murals
    • Homage to Siqueiros on Washington east of La Cienega (replaced in 2009 with an Obama mural in the same style, also gone).


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