The Most Dangerous Animal

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December 2018

  • Fourth of July fireworks.
  • Chapulines!!!
  • About town (Long Beach) with Chris: Historic architecture, whale mural at the Pacific Ballroom, Long Beach Museum of Art, Steelcraft.
  • Cochineal dyeing.
  • Visits from Elissa and Xochi, Sara, Cornelius, Amani and Donovan.
  • Garden with blooms: Rebutia, Epiphyllum, Night-blooming Cereus, Copiapoa tenuissima Violet, Lobivia, Echinopsis, Mexican Firecracker, Parodia magnifica, Parodia horstii, Prickly Pear; Mother of Thousands with its brood.
  • El Dorado Nature Center.


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