Following a link on the Getty Museum newsletter, I checked out ESMoA in El Segundo.

First clue: What’s and ESMoA? For example, Google LACMA and you’ll get results for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The same for MOCA, MOLAA, etc. But not for ESMoA. I didn’t really think of it. We got there. Chelsea was working on a laptop. Then it dawned on me, and I said aloud, “El Segundo Museum of Art.”

Chelsea said no. That’s what they were going to be, but by the time they opened in January 2013, they didn’t want to be a museum any more. They were going to be a lab. The El Segundo Art Lab. But the stationery and everything else said ESMoA, so that’s what they are.

One room, 25′ x 140′, two stories high. The current show, SCRATCH, consists of eight (?) huge graffiti panels painted by new and veteran graffiti crews responding to illustrations from books in the Getty’s rare books collection, curated by the Getty Research Institute. Also includes panels by LA tattoo artists,  and in cases on the floor, old books from the collection.

[portfolio_slideshow id=575]

Second clue: I checked their website more carefully, and saw that instead of the usual “Exhibitions,” they have “Experiences.”

This one closes Sept. 21, which seems way too soon! I’ve got to get back at least once more before then. You should, too. It’s great. Looking forward to more experiences at ESMoA.


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