A fat old raccoon has been coming around to eat the cat food. Almost every night lately. I often see her (I think you will see why I assume it’s a her) around 9 pm. She’s pretty bold – but not THAT bold! I open the screen and grab my camera. If I’m fast I can get in a few shots before she scurries off, especially if he’s finished off the cat’s scraps. Even if I don’t see her, I can tell in the morning that she’s been around because of the mess she’s made of the water bowl.

The last couple of nights, there have been four. I assume it’s mamma (“Madame Mao”) and her three little ones.

The little ones are so cute! And so bold! Instead of running off they approach me aggressively. Where’s the food? No fear.

The time is now. Or is it?

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